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Sunlight causes Shadows by Keesness

This is absolutely lovely :'3 The expressions are executed wonderfully and the dichotomy between the two halves really speaks to the vi...

Gentle Fog by Keesness

Hello Trine^^ I will also be commenting on thisXD As far as critique goes, this piece is so well executed that the only things I really...

The Beginning - Prologue - Page 6 by sanguine-tarsier

First of all, this is magnificently done. The use of highlight and accent colors on the eyes is suberb and truly reflects the strong em...



Fursona Bookmark by Aquiavel
Fursona Bookmark
I plan to laminate this when I get home ^^
so I got bitten by the bookmark bug last night and ended up making this and about four other bookmarks (Christmas presents for my college friends). I accidentally stayed up past midnight making them all (bad Aqui!!)

I know I messed up on the proportions a bit here :/ But it was cool to draw Aqui from behind so you can get a good look at her fawn specks (which I'm obsessed with now jeez X'D)
I hope you guys like it <3
Aquiavel Naomi Saphiren 2016 by Aquiavel
Aquiavel Naomi Saphiren 2016
I tried to make a *better* reference sheet for my fursona^^
nothing drastic has changed since my last submission! except for some brown freckling mixed with the deer spots :3 
Im still so happy with the change overall, I have so many buttons I have to show you guys soon :D 
Aquiavel 2016 by Aquiavel
Aquiavel 2016
Whew, has it been a while since my last appearance here on dA Dx I apologize for my lack of activity, I blame college ><'
but here's one of the many new art pieces I have to show you guys! (I also have quite a few buttons to upload as well^^) 

Here is Aqui, the newest design :3 I felt like it was time for a change, with everything has has happened in my life recently <3
I really hope you guys like her
See you soon <3
College Apparel Button by Aquiavel
College Apparel Button
Mercy's school colors are blue and gray (even though gray isn't a color ><') so I figured I'd draw Aqui wearing some college colored things^^
So, floppy ears and blushing x'D oh my goodness, I'm basically blushing all of the time at school between running around campus and one of my best dorm friends discovering that I'm ticklish and poking my sides whenever we hang out making me giggle like an idiot x'D
plus I've never drawn it before so it was good practice :3 

I move back in on the 8th, with an express drop off day on the first. I start class on the 9th^^ I hope you guys are having a good college experience so far too
On a better note, I have some exciting news for you guys! (I just realized that I never said anything on dA??) My anatomy vet professor called me the other day and she said because of my performance/grades she wants to hire me as a lab assistant/tutor for this year's anatomy class! I'm so honored and excited that she thought of me for the position
I happy-cried for a bit after she called. It's four hours of work on Tuesdays, and that's it. It won't interfere with my current studies and I'll get about 20 or 25$ a week after taxes. It's not much, but it's more than enough for me! I'm going to update my resumé as well :)

so at least it's not all bad right now, hopefully things will get better as time goes on. I'm a little sad because all of my friends are in off campus dorms, so I won't see them very much :( But I have a single dorm again, so no roommates to worry about! 

I also have a few drawings I'll try to upload, most of them are WIPs xD 
hopefully I'll have some finished ones soon


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello there! My name is Aqui :3 I'm a self taught traditional artist. My favorite things to draw are animals, especially canines. I've always loved to draw and I'm really trying to improve. Critiques and comments are always welcome guys :3
Thank you all for your time <3

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