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Sunlight causes Shadows by Keesness

This is absolutely lovely :'3 The expressions are executed wonderfully and the dichotomy between the two halves really speaks to the vi...

Gentle Fog by Keesness

Hello Trine^^ I will also be commenting on thisXD As far as critique goes, this piece is so well executed that the only things I really...

The Beginning - Prologue - Page 6 by sanguine-tarsier

First of all, this is magnificently done. The use of highlight and accent colors on the eyes is suberb and truly reflects the strong em...



What if "Aqui" was my real name, dA? Huh?

Okay in all seriousness though, "using your real name can help people find you"
Thanks, dA, I never knew that X'D
It's Victoria, but it kinda doesn't matter in this context :D
When you fuck up a piece you've been working on for weeks :'(
I guess I'll start another one 
Update- she called me about an hour ago and apologized. We were on the phone for a while, but she has to get up early for work. She wants to call me tomorrow too. I know she's sorry, but everything still hurts. I'm going to try to move on from here, thanks to all of you. Thank you guys so much for everything, your support honestly means the world to me (especially with everything else). I love you guys
I want to try harder to be more positive, and not bring myself to such a terrible place anymore. I don't want to scare others, or myself. I'm going to try to be happy, now that I've remembered a reason to (you guys<3) I love you and I'm sorry

So my mom, basically the only member of my family who still actually loved me, freaked out today. Saying she wasted her life on me, she never had a life, needs a break and blaming other things on me, screaming at me to shut up in public when I tried to help her pump her own gas when we were coming back to school. Nothing says happy Easter like your mom basically saying she hates your guts. Like I get it, I wish I was dead or never born too
I can't live like this anymore, nobody wants me here including myself
Im just wasting space and time being alive. I've lost everything worth living for, my family, some friends, being a vet. Only you guys are left, and I can't do this to you guys anymore, I can't lose you too

It's be better if I left. People would be happier. My family would get what they want. My friends could lead better lives without me weighing them down. For those I talk to here, I want you to know that I love you all and that I'm so sorry but I can't do it any more, I can't. I just want to go, I'm sorry
Don't comment, I'm not worth the time
I don't know what I'm going to do exactly but I'll let you know
What if "Aqui" was my real name, dA? Huh?

Okay in all seriousness though, "using your real name can help people find you"
Thanks, dA, I never knew that X'D
It's Victoria, but it kinda doesn't matter in this context :D


Aquiavel's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello All^^
Im an 18 year old only child from New York, though I do have DA siblings:3
My favorite thing to draw is anthro/furry wolves, though I assure you, everything in my gallery is clean, and always will be^^
I also do other 'furry' species and realistic art/ still lives
I've been drawing "seriously" for about four years, and I hope that I improve with every picture, but thats a matter of opinion^^ my favorite media are colored pencils, markers and water colors (though I have been known to use acrylic, pen and crayon)
I really hope that you find something you like in my gallery
If you have any other questions about me or have any suggestions on how I can improve artistically please comment or note! :'D

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With me button by Aquiavel
Farm Wolf by Aquiavel
Button Batch 1 by Aquiavel
Merry Christmas! by Aquiavel
I'm using my buttons as examples for icons, my own icon is a button, but it's cropped to fit in the square shape template
*just to give you guys an idea* Icon commissions would be drawn in the square shape already, so you won't have to crop it :3
Button Badges
Button Batch 1 by Aquiavel
Metal backed, pin back and protected by a sheet of clear glossy Mylar 
Size-2.25 inches
I can do head shots, partial body with scenery, solid color backgrounds, gradient backgrounds, black and white, etc.^^
I can make kissing sets for couples too
if you have a drawing already made or a photo you want to button, just mail it to me on regular printer paper and I'll make it a button :)
Postage is not included in this comm. slot, I'll make a separate slot based on how much it'll cost to mail it where you live^^
(if you want a commission and live outside the US just note me^u^)
Pencil Sketches
Happy Birthday, ThousandLeaves! by Aquiavel
WIP: final pencil- foreground by Aquiavel
Untitled by
Still Life by Aquiavel
I don't have the best examples but XD 
I also do anatomy studies, emote studies, turn arounds, what is shown here and basically anything else ^u^
as always, they'll be upload here and/or mailed to the buyer^^
DeviantArt IDs
ME! by Aquiavel
Aqui-licious by Aquiavel
Merry Christmas! by Aquiavel
AT    Mirera and Gage Christmas Kisses by Aquiavel
My Nee'xua by Aquiavel
1 to 2 characters^^ Headshot, full-body, chibi, holiday...ect
Just let me know what you'd like and I'll do it (minus offensive, overly-sexual, things of that nature)
These are simple shaded, colored and inked :D They'd be uploaded (and mailed to you, if you'd like ;) )
Backgrounds can be flat color, color gradation, simple design, white or holiday themed!
I can do those circle, heart or cube background things too :D
NOTE if you're interested in a Halloween ID request one within the next week or so, then I can upload it before the holiday passes^^
Aqui 2: Revenge of the Chibi by Aquiavel
Aquia Badge by Aquiavel
Aqui headshot badge by Aquiavel
=^.^=  and  ^.^/ by Aquiavel
New Aqui Badge by Aquiavel
I can do more then what is shown here^^ for example (simple circle backgrounds and your character's name) All badges like theses have simple shading^^ I don't laminate them, because if I mail them to you, laminate sheets can separate in cold damp weather :( I won't charge for something that has the possibility for damage
-DOUBLE SIDED (will be mailed with both sides flat glued so you can       laminate or caste it if you wish)


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Hi Flamie! :'D
I just got your second note now :3 He looks so great! I can't wait to start coloring x3
I know dA has been buggy lately D: I've been logged out/locked out of my account a few times T_T
FlameKurosei Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you Aqui! (:

And oh no, not you too! Ugh, it's frustrating, but at least now I know it's probably dA and not my internet.
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