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Sunlight causes Shadows by Keesness

This is absolutely lovely :'3 The expressions are executed wonderfully and the dichotomy between the two halves really speaks to the vi...

Gentle Fog by Keesness

Hello Trine^^ I will also be commenting on thisXD As far as critique goes, this piece is so well executed that the only things I really...

The Beginning - Prologue - Page 6 by sanguine-tarsier

First of all, this is magnificently done. The use of highlight and accent colors on the eyes is suberb and truly reflects the strong em...



:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
do you want to build a snowmaaaan? 
come on let's go and plaaaaay
I never see you anymore
come out the door
its like you've gone awaaaaay
:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:  :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:  :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
The Big Reveal! by Aquiavel
The Big Reveal!
This is for the amazing FlameKurosei! I'm so excited to be able to upload this without ruining the surprise :'D
Im so glad he likes it :'3
Cat OC Design by Aquiavel
Cat OC Design
For Lew-LapinGris's contest^^

Meet Amynne, the Seal Point/Tabby cross 
Amynne is oldest daughter in a litter of four. Her mother, Amii, is a feral tabby cat and her father, Timpto, is a seal pointed Siamese. Amii and Timpto's romance was indeed an odd one. No cat around town could believe that the sleek independent she-cat would ever fall for a tame pet. But for whatever reason, their love endured for over a year. Eventually, Amii became pregnant and gave birth to four small kits. Each one had some of their mother's stripes, but only one had their father's luxurious long fur. Though Amii and Timpto adored each other for who they were, they argued over which life the kittens would live. Amii felt fierce pride to be a wild, self-sufficient predator while Timpto knew that the kittens would be healthier and safer inside a human's home. For their first few weeks of life the kittens lived in both worlds (the forest and the home) for brief intervals of time. After some time, however, Amii dealt an ultimatum; she knew that her kits would never truly rely on their own hint if they knew that food would be presented to them in a bowl a few days later. Timpto felt the same, because the kits spent so much time away from people during their time in the forest, they would never accept the loving touch of a human owner. Because the kittens lived two lives, they couldn't really fit into either. The parents let their children decide which life they would lead. Two of the kits chose to go with their mother to a clan of others like them: "true cats". Another chose to live with Timpto and his family, who were planning on moving away soon. So, Amii and her two sons would never be able to see Timpto and his daughter again. 
Amynne was the only kitten in the litter who didn't choose a side. She was so pained by the fact that her family was getting torn in two, and she felt powerless to stop it. Amii and Timpto still loved each other, yet seemed resigned to the fact the two worlds, wild and domestic, could ever come together again. Deeply saddened, young Amynne rejected both the life of a feral cat and the life as a pet. Amynne became a rogue cat. She would wonder into the forest and watch her brothers hunt along side Amii. Miles away, she would visit Timpto and her sister and see how they would sit in their human's laps and purred contentedly. Amynne didn't believe that these lives had to be so separated, so she made it her mission to prove that a cat could be both a hunter and a companion without compromising either.
For years Amynne wandered in and out of town, sometimes hunting her own prey and sometimes spending the night inside a human home (many people in town would often care for "stray" cats). 
Despite her success in both worlds, her family remained in two halves. After a few years Timpto's family moved much closer to Amii's forest. Amii and Timpto were very old now, with silver fur lining both of their muzzle's. The entire family was together once more, just like they had been all those years ago. When they saw Amynne they were all astonished. This she-cat had boldly chosen to not align with either "faction" of cats, yet she looked so happy and healthy. Her siblings admired her courage to love not two very different worlds. Amynne had proven to her parents that a cat could be a pet without losing all of their wild heritage and ability. Amii and Timpto were very proud of their daughter, and were glad to have learned so much from her. That night Amii and Timpto laid beside each other in the yard, not quite in the house yet not quite in the forest either. Beneath the moonlight, the two lovers passed away together.
After their parents' death, Amynne's wild brothers began to approach people as well, and were delighted by some of the comforts that they never would have had if they were solely wild. Her pampered sister began to experiment with hunting in the forest and returned to her human home every night. With her mission complete and the cat world changed forever, Amynne felt empty for the first time in her life. Her parents had left her, but were together again. Her siblings had learned to build a bridge across both worlds. What was she supposed to do now? That's when she decide to wander the world and teach other cats and kits her findings. A cat can choose what life it wanted to love, and that choice did not have the power to tear apart families. A cat could devote its life to a human, devote its life to hunting and claiming territory or, as Amynne proved for the first time, a cat could do both.

Amynne spends her days wandering around towns and forests, sharing her findings with other cats. She tells them of the joy her brothers had being wild cats, the luxury her sister had being a pet and how her and her siblings now experienced the best of both worlds. Amynne is known far and wide. She has saved families from splitting like hers did.
She is respected as a wild cat and welcomed into the homes of many different people. She has never joined a clan or worn a collar. Amynne continues to prove that a cat doesnt have to belong to a human or a wild clan to be happy and to belong.

personality points- brave, fierce, happy, patient, wise, curious
Merry Christmas! by Aquiavel
Merry Christmas!
And Happy New Year (and happy all winter holidays!) ^^
I'm sitting in my dorm seized by Christmas spirit, and barely any art supplies to deal with it XD (my art stuff is home already for college break)
This was done in the one red marker I forgot to take home, pencils, pen and highlighters :'D
this is also a free base to anyone who wishes to download and recolor (please credit me for the lines if you can)
I hope you guys enjoy!
Dear Mom,
   You should be aware by now that I'm *slightly* socially anxious. I only ask that you remember this if we go shopping together. Therefore, when we're in a quiet pharmacy (in the card section) please REFRAIN FROM TESTING OUT EVERY CARD THAT SINGS OR MAKES LOUD NOISES THAT MAKE PEOPLE STARE AT US. Thank you.
 you daughter (who is now having heart palpitations)
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:iconnanarui:NanaruiHobbyist Digital Artist

All you have to do is to follow these rules:

1. Watch me and fave this journal (and please, don't unwatch me after this raffle. it just sucks.)

2. Make a Journal linking to this raffle, please, not a Poll.

3. Comment with the link to your journal and I'll reply with a number!

I'll choose winners using

1st place: Fullbody
2nd place: Chibi
3rd place: Headshot

all will be shaded, without background

depending of how many people will join the raffle, I'll decide how many places there will be.

20-30 people- 1 place
30-60 people- 2 places
60+ 3 places

Raffle ends January 1st!

good luck everyone! :'D


Aquiavel's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hello All^^
Im an 18 year old only child from New York, though I do have DA siblings:3
My favorite thing to draw is anthro/furry wolves, though I assure you, everything in my gallery is clean, and always will be^^
I also do other 'furry' species and realistic art/ still lives
I've been drawing "seriously" for about four years, and I hope that I improve with every picture, but thats a matter of opinion^^ my favorite media are colored pencils, markers and water colors (though I have been known to use acrylic, pen and crayon)
I really hope that you find something you like in my gallery
If you have any other questions about me or have any suggestions on how I can improve artistically please comment or note! :'D

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Pencil Sketches
Happy Birthday, ThousandLeaves! by Aquiavel
WIP: final pencil- foreground by Aquiavel
Head Sketch Dump by Aquiavel
Still Life by Aquiavel
I don't have the best examples but XD 
I also do anatomy studies, emote studies, turn arounds, what is shown here and basically anything else ^u^
as always, they'll be upload here and/or mailed to the buyer^^
DeviantArt IDs
ME! by Aquiavel
Aqui-licious by Aquiavel
Merry Christmas! by Aquiavel
AT    Mirera and Gage Christmas Kisses by Aquiavel
My Nee'xua by Aquiavel
1 to 2 characters^^ Headshot, full-body, chibi, holiday...ect
Just let me know what you'd like and I'll do it (minus offensive, overly-sexual, things of that nature)
These are simple shaded, colored and inked :D They'd be uploaded (and mailed to you, if you'd like ;) )
Backgrounds can be flat color, color gradation, simple design, white or holiday themed!
I can do those circle, heart or cube background things too :D
NOTE if you're interested in a Halloween ID request one within the next week or so, then I can upload it before the holiday passes^^
Aqui 2: Revenge of the Chibi by Aquiavel
Aquia Badge by Aquiavel
Aqui headshot badge by Aquiavel
=^.^=  and  ^.^/ by Aquiavel
New Aqui Badge by Aquiavel
I can do more then what is shown here^^ for example (simple circle backgrounds and your character's name) All badges like theses have simple shading^^ I don't laminate them, because if I mail them to you, laminate sheets can separate in cold damp weather :( I won't charge for something that has the possibility for damage
-DOUBLE SIDED (will be mailed with both sides flat glued so you can       laminate or caste it if you wish)


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